Human Capital Management

Focus on what matters with automation

Redefine employee experience on O360 Human Capital Management, a highly engaging platform that lets you cultivate a culture of innovation across complex business functions and organizations.

With intelligent automation, O360 Human Capital Management puts meaningful employee engagements and personalization at the core of your digital transformation. This HCM Software helps you scale workforce empowerment to maximize operational efficiency, refine core competencies and optimize decision-making to support ever-changing workforce needs.

Employee Management

Enhanced Employee Experience – Make human capital decisions a central part of organizational growth, with personalized experiences at every step of the employee journey, leveraging highly configurable workflows that offer scalability as well as localization.

Enhanced HR Insights – Effectively gain a single view of all your business units for real-time insights and trends to improve workforce planning. With centralized data analytics, drive informed people-centric strategies and HR policies, to run the best teams for more innovative, integrated business transformations.


Automated Checklists & Workflows

Virtual Onboarding to offboarding

Candidate Engagement

Employee Centralized Database

Customizable Employee Dashboard

Unified Organization Chart & Directory

Enhanced Security E-Signatures

Multiple BU/Company Management

Permission & Access Control

HR Events & Announcements

HR Analytics

Smart Notifications & Advanced Analytics

Employee Asset management

Leave Management

Advanced Leave Management and Attendance Management System – Deploy a paperless system for easy accessibility and better visibility for increasingly diverse and complex workforce structures. Integrate standardized processes across the organization to help identify labor demand gaps, track absenteeism, display leave entitlements and eliminate business risks, without compromising employee privacy.


Biometric Integration

Configurable Leave Policy

Track External Duty, Work from Home, Client Holiday & Overtime.

Leave Entitlement – Current and Unused (Carry Forward Entitlement)

Shift Management

Streamlined Approvals, Interactive Reports & Notifications

Employee Timesheet Management

Timesheet Tracking Controls – Replace manual processes with a more responsive digital solution that provides automated labor allocations, seamless timesheet tracking and direct data uploads; anytime, anywhere. Gain data accuracy and validity with robust timesheet tracking tools, while significantly reducing unpredictability.


Periodic Timesheet Submission (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Time Log Management (Upload & Download function)

Project Breakdown

Auto-Sync Assigned Leave & Paid Time-Offs

Quick Approvals (Reroute, Edit & Review)

Expense Management

Expense Management Controls – Automate submission, reporting and approval of expenses for significant time savings and reduced risk of reimbursement errors. File timely claims at your convenience from anywhere in the world on a highly configurable platform, equipped with rule-based processing, real-time data management and guaranteed audit traceability.


Track Expense Life Cycle

Streamline Expenses, Cash Advances

Multi-Currency Conversion Rates

Multiple Bills (Single Expense & Print Option)

Approval Preferences (Including Override approvals)

Quick Approvals (Reroute, Edit, Review)

Travel Management

Travel Management Controls – Designed for employees on the go, put their minds at ease while travelling with a comprehensive corporate travel management platform. Reduce processing costs and administrative effort with common data sources and default options, while elevating user experience with intelligent policies and flexible self-service tools.


Travel Booking to Settlement

Track Per Diem & Advance Request

Admin Privilege – Best Quote Selection

Alerts & Notifications – Upcoming Travel

Rank Travel Requests (Priority, Projects, User Modes, Travel Status)

Learning Management System

Enhanced Learning – Effortlessly manage your talent’s career development and succession planning with personalized, role-based training, integrated into dynamic course calendars for team visibility & progress completion monitoring.

Advanced Learning Tools – Showcase the range of relevant training offerings on sophisticated content libraries, for increased employee participation and post-enrollment completion. Complement employee’s career objectives, learning history and engagement data with high-quality digital content for improved recommendations coupled with assessments, real-time scores, and insights for continuous improvement.


Integrated Training with Course Calendar

Certification & Score- Transcripts Display

E-Learning Content Libraries

Testing & Assessments

Internal Certifications

Skill Set & Certification

Workforce Development – Upskill your workforce to respond to changing business needs with renewed agility and adaptability, to stay competitive and maximize organizational expertise, on a platform tailored for personnel growth.

Certifications – Digitally recognize and reward your most valuable players while managing certification compliance, expiration and mandatory renewals with ease.


Track Employee Skill
Set with Manager Rating

Monitor Employee Certification

Advanced dashboards & Analytics

Employee Performance Management

Performance Reviews – Drive performance evaluation conversations with multiple superiors, on a unified platform that promotes focused goal-setting and self-directed growth for better employee engagement and more constructive appraisal management cycles.

Performance Analytics – Make performance reviews more meaningful with visual, valuable and real-time feedback for increased awareness, motivation and higher employee involvement, to align your workforce to strategic business decisions.


Continuous Performance Evaluation

Multilevel Reviewers

Configurable Appraisal Cycles

Role-wise KPI Weightages & Curve Setting

Performance Reports, Analytics & Notifications

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"O360 simplified many of our company hectic tasks and helped in bringing a workflow. It's easy to use and meet the needs of Admin and Employees. O360 transformed the way we work and helped us in efficiently managing our employees and projects.”

Lancy Darwin

Sr Operations Manager

“O360 has changed the way we work with its ease of use, fully loaded features and user-friendly interface. Be it the learning management, expense, employee onboarding or ticketing, O360 has become a game changer for Healthcare E-Commerce. We certainly have two phases in our life cycle - life before O360 and after O360. Many thanks for improving our productivity. Keep delighting us in future too!”

Matthew Goldfuss

Healthcare E-Commerce