Getting your organization ready for the future.

Designed for the modern, visionary team, O360 is a state-of-the-art platform that engages, attracts and delights employees and clients with enhanced user experience.

It is everything you need, to transform a conventional workforce into a future-ready one. Delivering unprecedented organizational connectivity, O360 promotes a deeper understanding of your employee needs and customer preferences, leading to increased business productivity and workforce efficiency.

Adapt seamlessly to new ways of working with technology made accessible, from anywhere in the world.

O360 delivers meaningful engagements and personalization that is unique to your organization

Drive organizational efficiency and enhance employee experience using O360, a cutting-edge platform encompassing Human Capital Management, Project Management and a conversational AI Chatbot.

Enterprise Chatbot Human Capital Management Project Management Human Capital Management Project Management Enterprise Chatbot

Human Capital

From understanding your people’s skills and demands to delivering a unique experience to every employee, O360 gives you a complete view of your people.

Leave & Attendance
Employee Management
Performance Management
Learning Development
Expenses &


O360 is the ultimate tool you need to effectively monitor, track and govern all your projects in a single place.

Sub Contract Engagement
WBS & Gantt Charts
Client & Vendor Helpdesk
Resource Management


Equipped with advanced AI to understand a natural conversation flow, O360 chatbot delivers an unparalleled employee experience.

Omni Channel Integration
Multilingual Capability

Human Capital Management

Develop improved decision-making and quick adaptability with O360 HCM, for a more resilient business and human capital. Foster a connected culture by focusing on your most important asset, your workforce.

Project Management

Reinvent project delivery on O360 Project Management, an intelligent platform equipped with collaborative planning, intuitive scheduling, and increased responsiveness to real-time updates.

O360 effectively connects clients, project managers, operations, project coordinators, field personnel, outsourcing partners, and finance on a single, unified platform for improved project performance.

Conversational AI Chatbot

Connect with your Employees and Customers
Redefine user experience by developing AI-powered conversational and multilingual interfaces using the O360 AI Chatbot.

Equipped with supervised learning, advanced algorithms and built-in-bot analytics to understand natural conversation, the O360 AI Chatbot allows ease of integration and ease of transactions across web and mobile channels to deliver unparalleled employee experience.

Why O360?

Intuitive & Future-Ready

Robust Integration

Increased Collaboration

Plug & Play Modules

Actionable Insights

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Here’s what our customers say about us…


"O360 simplified many of our company hectic tasks and helped in bringing a workflow. It's easy to use and meet the needs of Admin and Employees. O360 transformed the way we work and helped us in efficiently managing our employees and projects.”

Lancy Darwin

Sr Operations Manager

“O360 has changed the way we work with its ease of use, fully loaded features and user-friendly interface. Be it the learning management, expense, employee onboarding or ticketing, O360 has become a game changer for Healthcare E-Commerce. We certainly have two phases in our life cycle - life before O360 and after O360. Many thanks for improving our productivity. Keep delighting us in future too!”

Matthew Goldfuss

Healthcare E-Commerce