How To Enhance Employee Experience With HR Automation?

Oct 13, 2021

Covid-19 has brought unprecedented change within the HR landscape. Prompting a reset of major work trends around the world, the pandemic has disrupted fundamental ways of working, driving an urgent need for digital innovation and automation.

With remote work here to stay, building a post-Covid-19 workforce presents a new set of value creation opportunities for people-centric organizations. Employee needs, behaviors and expectations are evolving at an accelerated rate, and delivering unparalleled employee experience is a key driver in nurturing a productive workforce.

It therefore comes as no surprise, that investing in a sound Human Capital Management Solution has become top priority for C-suite level executives. This leap toward automation for more meaningful employee engagements and strategic Human Resource empowerment, is critical for enduring business resilience.

The O360 Human Capital Management software was conceptualized with these dynamic trends in mind, providing an all-encompassing 360Degree view of your Core HR Processes. Overcoming limitations of manual processes, O36O offers more mobile, robust employee self-service tools, while delivering intuitive, personalized experiences throughout the employee journey.

Transforming HR through technology and automation, O360 holds the promise of greater productivity by complementing and improving workforce planning, leave and attendance management, travel and expense management, learning opportunities, performance management, payroll, talent development and work-life integration.

See how O360 Human Capital Management will benefit your organization:


1 Centralized HR Suite

Empower stakeholders, managers and HR partners to perform workforce planning within one, unified database.

2 Optimized Processes

Simplify routine tasks and transactions with convenient digital tools and configurable workflows, for greater employee satisfaction and more tangible realization of organizational value.

3 Real-Time Analytics

Identify impact of changing workloads, need for newer skillsets, key workforce trends and critical risks affecting business revenue on interactive dashboards.

4 Strategy Alignment

Make human capital decisions a central part of organizational growth, aligning employee-centric strategies to financial and business goals.

5 Digital Agility

Improve talent mobility within diverse, global teams and nurture digitally savvy leaders to stay competitive on a platform tailored for employee development.

Here’s a sneak peek of the end-to-end application of O360 Human Capital Management.

Employee Experience Platform

With O360 Human Capital Management, get a taste of the next big thing in the HR ecosystem – the Employee Experience Platform, EXP.

Built on the foundation of excellent employee service delivery, the EXP lets your organization design responsive UIs and complex, cross-functional workflows – integrating various employee applications while ensuring all your backend support centers are fully interconnected.

The EXP’s powerful integration and connectivity thus, play a key role in enabling digital HR and IT workflows to evolve seamlessly with business expansions and technology breakthroughs, without impacting employee experience.

Raise the bar in Human Capital Management with O360 – a comprehensive platform that drives greater business value for your organization, by enhancing how you operate, how you lead and how you inspire people to work together.

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